The Tansie® | after spray tan onesie | tanning apparel

It's a question that spray tan lovers have faced for a long time - just what do you wear your appointment that will protect your newly acquired tan and not ruin your clothing? 

Luckily Spray Tan Wear has the solution for you.

The spray tanning onesie or better known as the "Tansie®" was designed for the cooler weather whilst getting your spray tan.

Great for when it's raining to get to & from your spray tan appointment, this stylish jumpsuit has a wide leg cuff so you can easily slip into it.

Featuring a zip up the front with pockets, this onesie or "Tansie®" is perfect for not wearing or ruining your own clothes or sleeping in it so you don't ruin your clean sheets.

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Jan barlow

Jan barlow said:

How can I buy one please

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